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Buildings and grounds:

The Carson home was originally purchased by the Masonic Bent Lodge #42 in 1910, and much of what has been accomplished to preserve the Carson home is a direct result of their members who have generously given their time, talent, and treasure. As we embark on this next chapter for the Kit Carson home, ownership of the property has been transferred to Kit Carson House, Inc. granting its Board of Directors the proper authority and control to embark on this endeavor. 

Buildings and grounds restoration and construction will focus on the preservation and rehabilitation of the Carson Home and Romero house. The goal will be to completely restore the exterior of the Carson home and Romero house to their original state while redesigning the interiors to accommodate historical exhibits, interpretative graphics, interactive multimedia features and historical artifacts. 

Working under a Certified Local Government (CLG) Grant with the Town of Taos, a Current Condition Assessment and Preservation Plan of the Carson Home was completed and submitted on Sept 30, 2022. According to Roy Woods, principal of Conron & Woods Architects of Santa Fe, “the building today is in fragile condition with the incursion of moisture at many locations and general exposure endangering its historic walls. The structure is at risk of catastrophic collapse.”  The following is a partial list of the Carson Home Preservation & Rehabilitation Project:

Roof – Remove non-historic roofing, decking, and the over-structure. Next, remove the dirt roof where present, screen the material for artifacts, and repair historic decking and vigas. Finally, rebuild a new over-structure and install a new deck and roof.

Address Site Drainage Issues -The entire project site and the adjacent north property will be regraded to move water flow away from the structure to protect against moisture. Install drainage systems, repair and upgrade foundations and wall bases.

Exterior Wall Work – Remove and replace stucco in select areas and repair the adobe walls. Repair and upgrade all exposed exterior wood, including doors and windows. 

Interior Work -After environmental remediation, upgrade the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and special systems followed by floor, ceiling, and wall repair and, where required, replacement. The structures will then be prepared for being a working museum, including design and fabrication of exhibit casework and infrastructure, followed by the installation of exhibits.

Landscaping – Installation of appropriate plant material and irrigation on site.  

With any historic building, discoveries can occur throughout the work that may create different priorities or new tasks, so these activities may be phased somewhat differently.